Copy-editors & Proofreaders

Welcome to Symbiotical, the home of wordsmithery and creative writing,

providing copy-editing and proofreading services to businesses and fellow writers.

At sym′bi·ot′i·calwe offer several different levels of editing for your written work; with individual requirements tailored to suit, and further copywriting services. We are native experts in the English language and skilled in the arts of proofreading and rewriting. We enjoy analysing and subediting umpteen types of documentation, from websites and tomes of fiction to café menus and educational dissertations.



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With great feedback from our clients, we are confident we will satisfy your demands.

PC & Mac

We produce documents for you using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word or in Apple Pages.


Writing Services

Our service caters for all levels of checking and editing and we offer a range of six categories to help all your requirements.

Symbiotic Services


The Once Over

A read through by a second pair of eyes.


The Three Rs

Reform, restyle, & rewrite for better articulation.


Proof is in the Reading

A proofread to straighten out written inaccuracies.


Review, Write, Edit, Repeat

Thorough detailed review & rewrite. 


Copy in the Editor

A copy-edit digs deeper to examine at sentence-level.


Ghost in the Machine

Fresh copy. Read All About It!

Recent Projects







Product Packaging


In-depth proofreading of product literature, packaging texts, care and safety instructions, and labelling.

Consistency check and cross-referencing product packaging format, style, and client voice.

Words: 1,000 Words

Client: Spirit Candles

Novel Authors


Regular copy-editing and proofreading of several chapters by mixed genre authors. Genres include: period fiction, YA, sci-fi, fantasy, & romance.

Diverse subjects cover: eating disorders, depression, middle-east history, & global warming.

Words: Several 3-4,000 Word Chapters

Client: Private

University Dissertation

Proofreading of University student dissertation. The essay includes a case study of a fashion retailer brand’s marketing strategy and their use of social media Influencers.

Title: How Can Online Fashion Brands Benefit from the Use of Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Words: 10,000

Client: Private



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